There are animals which are impossible or very difficult to see because they form part of legends, are extinct, in danger of extinction, or are deftly elusive. They are the Invisible Animals.

The Invisible Animals Project presents them combining research and popular science, literature, journalism, exhibitions, illustrations, documentaries, environmental education and training, as well as talks, seminars and thematic travels.

It is fundamental to see in order to know, and in this way understand why it is worthwhile to defend these living beings and their physical and cultural space: from the Great Barrier Reef to the Gorilla, to Insects, which are key not only to biodiversity but to our economy and future as well. Living, extinct, or mythic, the Invisible Animals ask us how we are going to act from this moment forward.

On the plains of the Serengeti and in mountain ranges of Viet Nam, on glaciers in New Zealand, in the waters of the Atlantic or the Amazon, and even in the interior of many metropolis- western included- there are stories of animals which hardly anyone has seen. Some are myths. Others, memories of beings which became extinct. But many are still living.

Invisible Animals is a beautifully illustrated exploration of 51 animals in the wild which continue to stimulate the imagination and reality of millions of people all over the world. An original and stunning immersion into some of the mysteries still existing on the planet. A book about the past, the future and the possibility of believing in what cannot be seen.